After 6 negative tests (the strategy of over-testing, thereby desensitizing the negative results TOTALLY WORKED), and some spotting, we’re calling this round. Today *should* be CD1 for me, but the actual arrival of the C is still imminent. I went ahead and ordered our next round of swimmers anyway, since we’re west coast and the bank is east coast, and most importantly since their annual price hike takes effect tomorrow. I wanted to hold out on ordering til we had confirmed CD1, but the clock is working against me. This might be one of those 29-day cycles, which would be ok, but might throw the timing off a little for try#3, due to the days I have to be on campus. What can you do, though, right?



One thought on “CD1…?

  1. Sorry to hear about the BFN. Blogging is a good way to process and deal with the disappointment, though.

    Thanks for dropping by and for your comment. I’ve been awful at keeping up with my reader lately, but I look forward to catching up and following your journey.

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