Round 3

The tank arrives today. It shouldn’t be go-time until Mon or Tues, but I get paranoid about Fri/Sat delivery and it’s a 7-day tank so I opted early. I keep forgetting that this round is happening, which I think it’s good. Refreshing to not be *totally* preoccupied with it. I only get to go to acupuncture once this week, which is too bad (and particularly unfortunate because I seem to have pulled a muscle in my neck/back). But things have been less stressful, so it’ll be ok.

It’s been rainy and cold here, which is not very motivating and means we can’t go for long walks outside. My parents are coming to visit next weekend, and I’m hoping it’s nicer for them. We have to be very productive this weekend to make up for not getting anything done while they’re here!

Less anxiety = less need for the interwebs. Funny how that works.



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