times they are a-draggin’

I mean, I *NEED* the time to slow down for the next 10 days because it’s the end of the quarter, and I have zillions of things to do.

But good grief is this two weeks taking forever. How is it only 7dpiui? My parents were here and we had such a full weekend — was that really only 3 days???

And so, my first borrowed meme:

Outside my window… it’s sunny and blue-skied. A perfect day to be outside, but there’s tooooo much work!

I am thinking… about the plan for the day, the week, the month, the year…

I am thankful for… having parents I like and get along with, who are such good sports and so nice to have around.

From the kitchen… we just killed my bacon jam with some breakfast sandwiches. Today I’m making chicken & dumplings with roasted brussels sprouts and little potatoes.

I am wearing… grey hoodie, black leggings, warm socks: it’s a writing day.

I am creating… my dissertation prospectus…?

I am going… to acupuncture, to some kind of variety show or comedy thingie tonight.

I am reading… almost entirely for school, though we are slowly making our way through a short story in spanish that I’m reading aloud to A.

I am hoping… to get through the rest of the quarter relatively unscathed. ALSO (duh) for a two-line morning sometime later this week!

I am hearing… city “quiet” — cars, kids at recess, A at her computer, the sighing of the coffee pot, the heater kicking in.
Around the house… order needs re-establishing, but we’re in ok shape. The kitties like having a bed in the middle of the living room floor!

One of my favorite things… having A here every day. I wish we didn’t have another quarter apart, but it’s the last one. We will push through.

A few plans for the rest of the week… just regular stuff: school, writing, cooking, eating, working working working!


3 thoughts on “times they are a-draggin’

  1. I wrote: “Sounds like you are having a lovely day despite the tww limbo. I hope this is your last one.” Which I then realized was inadvertently harsh! I hope you have many lovely days ahead of course. But no more two week waits 😉 I am crossing my fingers that the third time’s the charm.

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