line #2 is still there

That’s all three from yesterday a.m. I wouldn’t be convinced!

Thanks for all your good wishes — we’re feeling very lucky, very grateful, very surprised, and very relieved to shift the financial burden from sperm-buying to omg-there-might-be-a-baby.

Also, we accidentally told like a million people… we got so excited! Plus, people ask constantly (bc we told everyone we were trying!). A told almost all her cousins, but not her immediate family (we only told a million people *who we knew would be happy for us*) and we told my immediate but not my extended family (we were still pretending we weren’t shouting from the rooftops).

The line this morning was stronger, so that seems good. I scheduled a test at the doc’s for Wednesday. I honestly have no idea what to do next! Since we haven’t been working with a RE, we don’t have all the next steps lined up! What do we do??



4 thoughts on “line #2 is still there

  1. Wheeee! So happy for you! Since you are not working with an RE, you probably won’t get an appt with an OB until you are 8-10 weeks…But maybe you can find someone to do an initial scan sooner than that. Meanwhile, I found the Mayo Clinic the best guide for foods to avoid (almost all of which I violated at some point during the pregnancy). When you find an OB or midwife there will be all kinds of tests and whatnot to consider, but until then just enjoy that wonderful feeling! Congratulations again 🙂

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