If these boobs could talk…

they’d tell you that i woke up to pee in the middle of the night, then freaked out because suddenly my very-tender-don’t-even-think-about-touching-me boobs were suddenly pretty alright. Giant, but not painful. I then proceeded to turn on the light when I peed (middle of the night no-no) to check for blood (there was none) and then to pinch, poke, and squeeze them to see if there’s a little tenderness left (there is, it just moved from the middle cleavage area to the underside area).

By then, I was fully awake, so checked my email and my Google reader, tossed and turned, and turned down the thermostat. (I know: you’re thinking, “if you got up to pee in the night, then were so hot you had to kick off all your covers and turn down the heat, why were you even concerned that your hormone levels had dropped?!” I’m not claiming rationality here.)

In other boob news, I’m now at a place, sizewise, where I’m going to have to buy a new bra. This seems both annoying and potentially expensive. I’m horrified at what the next size up will offer me, as my normal day to day rack is already a pain in the ass for bra-shopping. I’m not ashamed of bra shopping for comfort, but it’s too early in this ride to go full-on granny bra…right?

P.S. something to look forward to (har har): I’m cooking up a good long post about my upcoming quarter, the trials and tribulations of first trimester coinciding with qualifying exam prep (I swear, the rest of the timing on this baby-making thing is ideal…there was just this one off part…), etc. etc. In light of higher ed blogging questions raised here and here, it seems like it’s time to talk a little about Our Situation. STAY TUNED.


2 thoughts on “If these boobs could talk…

  1. I’m totally with you in the boob department! I keep putting off buying new bras but I think this weekend I need to bite the bullet. I’m totally reluctant to go granny bra (and luckily my pre-pregnancy boobs were nothing remarkable) but it seems silly/crazy/dumb to spend money on cute new bras that also probably won’t fit in another few months!

  2. This is the part I am looking forward to the least. Bras are already hard to find in non-granny configurations, so changing up sizes every few weeks doesn’t sound fun AT ALL. Good luck with the search!

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