hitting the ground running

yesterday flew in, picked up car, realized “slow leak” in the back tire had sped up. went to tire place, got rotation and patch. got groceries (only hungry for cottage cheese with berries, lettuce salads, toast). came home, made it look (and smell) like not just cats live here. sorted mail, dealt with my insane email inbox (first day of the quarter and everyone went apeshit). as things progressed, i moved further into the malaise that accompanies going back into the long-distance portion of our relationship. i heated up some food, watched 3 episodes on the internet, then crashed out early. i don’t sleep as well by myself.

today i go to campus, and hit the ground running. i’m dreading everything.


2 thoughts on “hitting the ground running

  1. Ughhh, I wanted to comment on your last post about your cyclically LD relationship. It sounds so hard and I am glad you see it coming to an end (the need for long separations, that is) soon! I hope it gest easier as time goes on.

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