Blessed Virgin Mary

Guess which one I mean.

Oh, bloody mary, with your salty spicy deliciousness. You *are* divine, even sans vodka.

Get yr fruits and veggies however you can, team. Frozen fruit bar and virgin mary? Sounds like second breakfast to me!


3 thoughts on “Blessed Virgin Mary

  1. Yummm! I love me a bloody Mary and I’d drink virgins if I had to 😉 Early on in my pregnancy I astounded (maybe that is a nice word for what I did) my brother and sister-in-law by ordering (and consuming) a whole pizza with anchovies, jalapenos, olives, mushrooms and extra garlic. And it was gooood. Just sayin’… it’s a small hop from the virgin Mary to the devil pizza.

  2. My absolute fave! With or without vodka. Indeed, a good way to get your veggies (at least that’s what I tell myself). Now try to keep the next one down, ok??

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