Nobody likes the first tri, right?

8w2d and today I feel the worst I’ve felt yet. No actual vomiting (it’s only happened that one fateful time), but slamming headache, too hot, too cold, nauseous, neck all in a bundle. I tried lying flat, napping, acupuncture, and icy hot on my temples. Nada.

Now I’m just trying to push through. I had lofty goals of finishing the first draft of my prospectus today, and godammit I’d like to do that.

Mercifully, I’m flying to see A on Friday. Hopefully that doesn’t mean barfing my way across the open skies. It does mean being taken care of for a weekend. Plus, I leave her on Monday and she comes to me on Thursday (we did a bad job of spacing the visits this quarter…err…). And then Friday is the first OB appointment! I’m excited and nervous.

The whole last week and a half has involved lots of managed waves of nausea throughout the day. I tend to be good when I wake up, then ride all afternoon, be ok in the evening, then it gets the worst at night. Boobs are much less sore. The day before yesterday I woke up with a gruesome breakout. Shouldn’t I be glowing? Does “glowing” just mean “radiating the deep redness of a face full of blemishes”?




4 thoughts on “Nobody likes the first tri, right?

  1. I’m just out of the first tri and while the vomiting has stopped, the general crappy feeling is still there. It will get better! (or so they say…)

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