Back to the symptom/no symptom debate

9 weeks today. How did that happen?? Almost 1/4 of the way there 🙂

My parents surprised me this weekend and came to seder. They brought a basket of “gender neutral” hand-me-down items from my sister (who won’t give us anything that’s touched anything pink until she knows we’re having a girlbaby. No pink-wearing boys for her!) and a bag of maternity clothes. Adorbs. We’ve been cooing over our stash of tiny things all weekend.

Of course, despite having my worst-feeling day yet on Wednesday and my second actual vom on Thursday night, since Friday I’ve felt right as rain. A very welcome change of pace in one respect, but my anxieties are re-provoked. Still peeing lots, still bloating when I eat, boobs still ginormous, but they don’t hurt really anymore and my nausea seems to have vanished.

Maybe I just prefer to be in the midwest?

First OB appt Friday, which will hopefully be reassuring…


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