Dr. Internet says I’ll have this nasty viral thing for 7-9 days…on average. As we close on day 4 of tonsils the size of kiwifruit, I can honestly say I’m tired of it.

My mostly liquid diet has been good for my bloating/water retention issue, though. And I’ve certainly plateaued or decreased my 1st tri weight gain.

…and therein lies the end of my silver lining.

I’m terrible at being sick. Grumpy, whining, pathetic, desiring of pity. I feel awfully sorry for myself, which leads to bouts of weeping (that’s hormones, too, right?). And then today, the building’s water heater broke, and we’re all without hot water until *at least* tomorrow afternoon, though they were very explicit about letting us know it will in all likelihood be longer.

In animal news, we sent one of the cats back with A last weekend. He’s been a terror for her — jumping up on things, knocking things off walls, shitting in the middle of the bed (such pure hostility!), and then today jumping off the back deck down to the parking lot. She thought he was broken and rushed him to the vet, but he was just freaked out (she thinks it wasn’t an intentional jump, just too much momentum). On my end, the remaining cat has been a pain in the ass, too. We sent him first because we thought she’d be a dream for me, and that she’d enjoy the respite from his antics and constant bothering/sexual aggression. Alas, she seems to be…lonely! She’s following me around, crying desperately, smashing into me. And last night when the delivery guy brought me egg drop soup (yup), she dashed out the door! She hadn’t had an escape attempt in years. Sigh.

As for the zunzun…not much to report. I *was* feeling better this week, but now who can say? Real sick might be masking babysick, but I suspect if I weren’t sick, I would be feeling pretty good this week. This does not make me panic anymore (mostly). But I am kinda glad I’ve got another OB appointment a week from today, and the NT scan the Wed after that. Even if it means I’m going to the doctor what feels like all the damn time.


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