My fridge is a graveyard

of cravings past, most turned aversions, some simply abandoned.

It’s terribly wasteful. But by myself, food takes longer to go away. And while normal, non-pregnant me is happy to eat 2 or 3 things in alternation for several days, pregnant me is not really having it. What’s more, there are several remnants in the freezer from the initial weeks of rash giving in to cravings, followed immediately by aversion to selfsame food (see: goat cheddar & spring onion scones, frozen egg rolls, strawberry ice cream).

And now, today, I’m hungry, but nothing seems appealing. At all. Taking suggestions…


6 thoughts on “My fridge is a graveyard

  1. My fridge is also a graveyard–but mostly of vegetables. And one sad watermelon that I bought on the first warm day. It was too early for watermelon to taste any good. However, that was my friend’s craving for almost her entire pregnancy, so maybe a slice would be a good idea? Just by a section–not the whole thing!

    • oh i hate the vegetable graveyard most of all. it signifies lost hope i think…i *meant* to make delicious, fresh, healthful food with you, poor asparagus…
      watermelon actually does sound pretty good. i got strawberries today, which i’ve been rocking. i’ll do watermelon next. we actually have some decent stock in cali now…i will so miss the food.

  2. Oh I hear ya! I was in the same boat. I found it helpful to run through various things in my head and see if any were appealing (or more likely just didn’t make me gag at the thought of eating it). Don’t buy more than a meals worth of anything, though, because the reality is you probably won’t want it the next day. I found spicy food to be really appealing when I felt my sickest. Hang in there!

    • yeah, i do better when i’m out or when i’m with someone. if someone cooks for me, i’m pretty much fine. it’s when i’m left to my own devices, to summon up the thing to eat, that i get in trouble. i’ve become a nearly daily regular at the market now. i do not think it’s the cheapest way to live, but they love me.

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