Being a grown-up

Today I’ve made two (SUCCESSFUL!) customer service calls (one to insurance, the biggest pain in the ass call of all!) and made an appointment for a haircut.

Now if only I could channel that productivity into the rest of the things I need to do, namely school and packing.

I packed one box yesterday. Really, I probably need to make a Goodwill run. Baby steps, I keep telling myself.

Anyway, I feel like a real grown-up today. In a good way. Even though I had root beer with my lunch.

Wednesday is the NT scan, and then Thursday I fly to Nola to meet up with A! Thank god. It’s our last “visit” of this long distance booya. She comes the first weekend of June for a gig and stays for the week to help move out. Then we fly back HOME together!


One thought on “Being a grown-up

  1. congrats, grown-up momma!

    good luck on wednesday. how exciting that you and A will be reunited soon.

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