Eating, clothes, and other necessities

Though I made it home Monday night, my suitcase did not. Meaning basically the clothes that fit me right now spent an extra 36 hours on the road. At this point, I’ve basically sent back all of my winter clothes and most of the clothes that don’t fit. Given the unseasonably cold and rainy week we’re having in NorCal, that means my personal clothing style these days is…unique.

The belly is just big enough that if you know, you know. We went fbook public today, so as my sister says: it’s real now. I’m having some round ligament pain, and my lower back gets achy if I stand or walk too long, but it’s not too bad. Getting up to pee much less in the night, which is great. Still having really intense, vivid, weird dreams.

I’m also still having a hard time conjuring desirable foods by my lonesome. This in spite of the fact that I’m generally feeling ok. Taking it a couple of days at a time. Salads sound good most of the time — cold things. And while I ate my weight in shrimp and crab last weekend, meat is mostly a turn-off this week. Banana peppers and peperoncinis, though? Gimme.

Know who else is having a hard time finding food appealing? The remaining cat. This has been too much turmoil for her, I guess. In retrospect, we should have sent both cats midwest-bound closer together. We thought the girl cat would like the break, but she’s been wailing nonstop since her annoying baby brother left. She didn’t eat much while I was gone, and now she’s taken to throwing up, which she very very very rarely does in normal life. I’m pretty sure she’s being a drama queen, and likely is depressed/stressed about all the changes. She’s going to hate the move.


One thought on “Eating, clothes, and other necessities

  1. awwww your poor kitty. She’ll be okay… when we moved, my cats hid for days and wouldn’t eat anything… they got over it (and got FAT!!!). LOL.

    congrats on fbook publicness!!! That’s bigger than sending out a baby announcement these days. Yay! =)

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