The best things:

1. Maternity leggings

This should probably even be it’s own post. WHY ISN’T THIS HOW THEY MAKE ALL LEGGINGS? Not with a panel, but ON low-rise maternity leggings. The cinch? Tilted waist. High in the back, low in the front. Why would I ever get regular leggings again? This protects against butt crack peeking problems AND any unsightly belly bulging. Tilted waist, man.

2. Wedge salads

So simple, so perfect. How many is too many in a week? a day? I tried to find a decent one at a restaurant. Apparently California is not that into the wedge salad. Then a friend pointed out that it’s not complicated, so I just went and bought the stuff. Now I’m unstoppable.

3. Bras with no wires

This is a revelation for a big-racked lady like myself. I didn’t even know they *made* bras without wires over a C-cup. (Do they, if they’re not maternity bras?) Who knows how long this one will fit. And real talk, it’s still not the most comfortable thing in the world (it’s a bra, after all). But not having an underwire perched on my burgeoning abdomen is a dream.

4. Acupuncture

My acupuncturist told me today that she just found out she’s pregnant. My instant (internal) reaction was to feel accountable. She was really pushing for us, and I wonder if there were residual fertile stuffs on her. They weren’t trying. But acupuncture also makes the nausea and the headaches go away.

5. Strawberries and cherries

Obv I couldn’t just have one food thing on this list. I’m really only hungry for cold foods these days, it seems. Especially the red fruits. I eat strawberries every morning for breakfast, this week with yogurt and toast (last week I was on a pancakes rampage). Cherries are the go-to snack. I can eat a lot of cherries.


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