If you’re looking to not feel great about yourself

be a pregnant white girl who, post-winter, gets fitted for a bridesmaid dress.

Between the flourescent lights, the blinding pastiness of my legs, the overall shape of my newly popped belly, and the not-so-newly neglected overall fitness of the bod, this was a good wake up call.

I can’t do a terrible lot about the color, but god help me if I don’t get my ass moving some now that I’m not utterly exhausted every second.

In other news, doc called today to let me know the first tri blood screen and the NT scan show low risk for chromosomal abnormalities. So that’s good. I think I forgot to tell the internet, though, that they made me re-do the blood screen because based on fetal measurements at the NT scan, the first one was ‘too early.’ I said, but I know *exactly* when this baby got made, it’s just measuring a few days ahead. They didn’t care. So that was annoying.


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