The halfway point

God, I hope this is the halfway point. My new focus is on whether or not baby boy will arrive by Thanksgiving — per his due date — in order to make his family quite proud and happy and to make his mama not extremely uncomfortable. A thinks he will definitely be here. The midwives are skeptical, as their training tells them to be. My sister delivered 2 weeks early, so we’ll see. My mom had C-sections, so she’s not in the pattern.

Yesterday marked 20 weeks. He is seeming real-er now, for a myriad of reasons. We got sucked into an outlet mall this weekend and accidentally bought him a lot of clothing, though all of it was in deep discount, so for under $40 the zunzun made out pretty good. He now has beach gear for next summer, and some other adorablenesses (striped bib overalls! god help me).

I have been feeling good, back to super hungry. My pelvis has calmed down quite a bit. I haven’t had any more recurring bouts of heartburn of note. I like being noticeably pregnant now. Lots of greetings of solidarity from women on the street — pregnant women, yes, but also women I can only assume are mothers.

A leaves Thursday for two weeks. I’m going to my parents’ house for the weekend, and we’re daytripping to my sister’s, where I will make out with a bounty of hand-me-downs. I will try to coax some pink and purple clothing out of her, even though she’s very resistant. I won’t tell her we bought baby boy the most adorable pair of pink striped pants on Saturday…


3 thoughts on “The halfway point

  1. Speaking as someone who went two weeks past my EDD… baby will come when he comes and it will be the perfect time 🙂
    It is soooo nice to cross the line from maybe-just-chubby to clearly pregnant! Are you enjoying the thuimps and bumps?

  2. Gosh, we are only 6 weeks behind you girls 🙂 very exciting!!! Congratulations on being at the half way point!

  3. woohoo! half way … sounds like the 2nd trimester is being far nicer to you.

    no pics of the pink striped pants? that is just awesome! boys can wear any color, just like girls!

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