21 week kickorama

Holy moly — baby boy got strong over the weekend! All of a sudden, I can feel him a lot of the time, and when he’s kicking towards the front: you can feel it from the outside!

Well, the hypothetical you anyway. So far nobody has felt it but me.

A is out of the country til Saturday, then home for a night and off again. I meet her in Miami on Tuesday to visit her family there.

As of yesterday, I am unpacked! Whew! This move has been a doozy for many reasons. The house still looks like a natural disaster has occurred, but it looks less hurricane and more tropical storm now.

Last weekend I went home to my family to visit. My sister gave me a SHITLOAD of baby stuff (to borrow! “Do I have to make a list of what I’m giving you so you’ll give it back?”). And then my mom went apeshit in a C.arter’s outlet, so baby boy will at least not be naked for the first year of his life by a long stretch.

I have to admit, though: it’s all REALLY CUTE stuff.

So in terms of baby preparedness…we’re still not. But we’re a liiiiiiiiittle bit closer. August is our big push on the house, since we’ll both have more time.

I keep feeling like a baby is just around the corner! And then my mom says things like “if you’re this big now, think about what you’ll look like at Halloween!” and I think “Halloween! That’s so far away! Good god, I’ll still be pregnant then!?” And then I look at the calendar and realize it’s MID-JULY. How the hell did that happen? Where is summer going? What happened to all the stuff I need to get done???


6 thoughts on “21 week kickorama

  1. Hurray for too much baby stuff! And yes, Halloween is edging ever closer–with its attendant reasonable weather and warm beverages!

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