Baby preparedness and the crib dilemma

So, I don’t know if any of you are having this problem or have read about this problem…but it’s hard to buy a crib these days. Something about regulations changing but the industry not being given time to switch over products…I don’t know. At any rate, while we wait for the industry to catch up with the law, lots of stores just don’t have any cribs for sale.

Including, unfortch, the almight I.kea, maker of all things cheap yet semi-stylish. We’re disinclined to spend hundreds of dollars on a bed for a baby burrito. The interwebs rave about I.kea cribs. The good people at the store tell me they’re on a stop-sale until Nov/Dec.

I guess I don’t know when I thought people prepared for babies. As in, gave them a room of their own. It seems like as we approach 23 weeks it’s something we should be doing. We’ve certainly got a pile of baby crap that needs to find places to go. But the nursery is nowhere nears complete (as it’s still 3/4 office). It seems both fun and like a total drag to do this transition part. And the not being able to buy a crib thing, while annoying, is not imperative since zunzun isn’t scheduled to arrive either until November, and will not be sleeping in said crib for a bit anyway. But it does seem disheartening, like we’ll *mostly* prep a room, but it’ll have a big bed-shaped hole in it.

OR we buy one from craig.slist. Herein lies the dilemma: wait for new, presumably safer/regulated crib or buy cheaper used version (and have my dad, who’s a handyman/craftsman give it a rundown and make sure it’s all secure and reinforced etc.)?


6 thoughts on “Baby preparedness and the crib dilemma

  1. Are you thinking of cosleeping at all? You might be able to get by with a co-sleeper (which is like a little bed extension next to your bed) or a bassinet for at least a couple months until they’re allowed to sell cribs again. I guess I’d wait–you’ll have plenty of time to find one once the baby is here and there is more selection.

  2. yeah, do what isa said.

    we bought a (used) mini crib that is at the foot of our bed, but it does not make bunny happy. only sleeping in the bed with us makes him happy. and whatever our thoughts about co-sleeping may have been in the past when it comes to sleeping for a 1/2 hour versus sleeping for 2-3 hours between feedings, there is no choice anymore. i wish we had a co-sleeper, but it seems like to much to cram into our room at this point. instead we just cram the 3 of us into a full size bed. 🙂

    • Oh god. Even more glad we are moving into queen territory, even if we do just have the mattress on the floor right now. I guess you choose yr battles! I choose sleep, too.

  3. We just bought 2 cribs for our twins from of all places:

    We checked the safety ratings and read the reviews on line at amazon and it seems that these are great one….we were able to get 2 cribs with the mattresses for $300! check out the link.

    We had them delivered to our local store and picked the boxes up in our SUV….now it is up to Finch to get out the screwdriver and put them together….all in good time though. We will be 17 weeks along this week.

    Take care and good luck shopping!

    • whoa, that is a great deal! you guys are so on top of things! we are still debating the issue, but it’s just me who’s feeling insistent on getting it all done i think…

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