Ways in which trimesters are like quarters

Not in a mathematical sense. Even I know that. Pregnancy trimesters, though, are a bit like academic quarters.

Here’s what I mean:

Every quarter I start off thinking, “Oh crap. How do I do this? How does a person do this much stuff in a week?”

and then about halfway through I think, “Riiiiight, it’s like this. Got it. I found a rhythm and I’m feeling pretty good. This school thing ain’t half bad!”

and then about 5 minutes later I realize that the very thing I’d gotten the rhythm of was now upping its ante, that I now had more to do and time was barreling ever-faster towards the last week.

(Of course, with academic quarters, it all begins again a week later. Which is not our current plan re: babies. At all.)

But I pretty much feel like that. This second tri…all of a sudden I realized I was actually relatively physically comfortable, that I was feeling pretty good, that things are pretty much a-ok. Pretty much immediately, the weeks have started slipping by. The Guy Inside is only 16 weeks away from his supposed arrival (today I caught A encouraging him to wait until DECEMBER 4 to come out — WTF? I told her she might want to consider what her life will be like if he hangs out that much past his welcome…). The third tri is right around the corner. I have my one-hour glucose test on Thurs. Loooooord!

We are fully in the swing of moving things out of old office into new office. Old office has been helped along by the ever-encroaching pile of Baby Stuff. New office is looking pretty good. I’m actually using it right now, and did yesterday. So how about that? I’m still dying to go get paint swatches. I don’t know why *that* is the thing that seems so exciting to me. And despite your (good) advice, I bought the I.kea crib we were eying off of c.raig.slist. My pops will make sure it’s up to snuff. It was very cheap. I couldn’t resist.

On the work front, I had a meeting with my advisor yesterday, which made me feel like I can probably do this diss thing. Baby steps…right?


2 thoughts on “Ways in which trimesters are like quarters

  1. hahaha… The Guy Inside… like the new blog name! =) And yay for advisors who are encouraging… I’m pretty sure that’s what meeting with an advisor is supposed to feel like, lol. Go you!

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