Hand-me-downs with history

We are at my parents’ house for an extended weekend, celebrating the wedding of my sisters’ oldest friend and our first wedding anniversary in one fell swoop.

Today I dragged two boxes of my childhood stuff out of my parents’ crawlspace and dug through. I fished out some treasures for the little dude, including three blankets and a sweater made by my grandmothers. One of the blankets was crocheted by my grandmother specifically for my future baby. She was a very forward-thinking woman.

When we were in Miami, A’s mom pulled out a little jacket made by A’s grandmother for A’s mother to wear home from the hospital when she was born. It’s gorgeous, white with hand-embroidered flowers.

I’m feeling pretty sentimental and sweet about the little fellow having some things that attach him to family members he’ll never meet.

In the meantime, he was a show-off this weekend, and let all kinds of people feel him practicing his dance moves. My own dance moves landed me with some swollen legs and feet, but all is well again now.

25 weeks today.


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