Birthing Class

We’re learning to birth in a concentrated weekend class yesterday and today. Our midwives are not so psyched on this, preferring we do the 8-week thing, but A teaches Mon-Wed nights, which kills 95% of the city’s birthing class options. We promised to supplement with reading. What can you do?

We’re about to leave for day 2 of 2. Yesterday we learned very detailed information about the stages of labor, what they feel like, and what to do. A was given helpful talking points and instructions. I was told to relax, basically, and not go to the hospital too soon. I am practicing relaxing. I suspect I will be most interested in goal-oriented encouragement. I am lucky to have a wife who will not even attempt to talk to me about opening flowers or flowing creeks.

The zunzun was so excited to be learning of his future journey that he spent the 4 hour class trying to push his way out through the front. He’s very strong these days.

My dad is here knocking down walls and putting up new ones. It is awesome and exciting and I am trying to be zen about the layer of white drywall dust covering the house. A is having surgery on Thursday, and will have only one functional leg for the next 6 weeks, so the task falls squarely on me to wash away the dust, amongst other things. I think we will be fine. She’s having more trepidation. I just say we’ll have a few weeks where nobody in this house can bend over, so we’ll have to be good about not dropping things. 😉


One thought on “Birthing Class

  1. Maybe that 8 week class would have taught him down, not through? Also, I hear you on the flower thing–those analogies always seem kind of gross to me, possibly because I was exposed to Bernard Malamud at too young an age.
    Good luck with the surgery and the new walls and day 2 of class! I’m sure everything will end up well!

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