I just washed our first batch of cloth diapers: 6 Thirsties Duo Diapers and 1 Duo Wrap (a gift).

We are registered for some bumGenius 4.0’s, but no one seems drawn to poop-related gift-giving. Or first aid/hygiene, for that matter. Who can blame them? There’s so much cute baby STUFF that it’s hard to say, “oh yes, that thermometer/nail clipper/nasal aspirator/rash ointment is the adorable thing I would like to attach my name to.”

They are so cute, though, the dipes. I hope it all works out. If not, luckily one hundred thousand people we know are having babies, so I’m sure we can ditch them. But I hope it works out.

It’s truly remarkable how I can fall down the rabbit hole of CD researching. A told me the other day that we have to “pretend we don’t have all the options” in order to move on. So, these are the two models I chose. I guess we’ll see! We’re not hardcore enough to start them from the get-go. Newborns go through TOO MANY diapers, which = TOO MUCH laundry. So we’re stocked in disposables for newborn size, and then we’ll launch. I’m getting so excited for tiny buns in sweet colors.

Speaking of tiny buns, we have what should be our last u/s today — third tri growth scan. We will guesstimate our fate. I’m still in the camp that he’s not a mutant super-sized baby. But we’ll see. My mother has requested a photo of his face, though I find u/s face shots scary. Plus, the zunzun has not been cooperative in this respect for the last several scans, instead preferring to nuzzle his placenta. I promised granny I’d do what I could.



6 thoughts on “Dipes

  1. Good luck for a great ultrasound–complete with a boy who feels like hamming it up for grandma! Also, I would say you can ditch the dipes in our direction, but I think you’ll probably want to keep them–our friends used those and we never had any problems changing them or with scary leaking issues. Granted, they had a girl, so it may be different, but those are the ones we’re planning to use. I especially like the ones with trees on them…

  2. hurray for cloth diapers!! 🙂
    we also registered for them, and only got ONE as a gift – it’s weird, disposable ones are a staple at showers, but no one wants to buy the cloth ones. maybe its not as exciting to shell out $20 for only 1 diaper…? anyhow, wishing you the best on that adventure, we love CD’ing!

  3. Just my two cents: don’t buy any more until you try out the ones you have. I was sure I knew what I wanted (and didn’t want) and then changed my mind once I got to know the ins and outs of my baby’s body, comfort levels, etc. I thought I’d never like the pocket diapers, but they are so soft against her skin and can be stuffed full for nighttime…so now I bought several of those. But I love the cloth hybrid GroVias for daytime, because the shells stay quite clean and you only need one or two/day (once those poopy newborn days are over). Anyway, I totally agree that disposables are the way to go for the first 2-4 weeks. We really like the Earth’s Best disposables. Btw, I love the Thirsties inserts (the two layer ones with fleece and cotton/hemp) and use them even though I don’t have thirsties covers. Anyway, enjoy the “research” and good luck!!

  4. Oh, man, I did SO much research on cloth diapers. We have loved them, though now that G’s poop is solid I have backed off to *just liking* them. But maybe I just don’t love poop…even G’s!

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