Third Tri Scan — the last views on the inside (we hope)

The boy is not a giant mutant baby, after all. Just a regular sized baby. They clocked him at 5 lbs 14 oz this morning. I’m not sure what the margin of error is on that, but that puts him just below 75th percentile. I’ll take it!

My mother was disappointed to learn that the dude is too enamored of his placenta to get a good face shot. He’s been chilling head-down, facing my left side (which means he frequently stretches out his legs so that I get a big butt bump on my right, and jabbed with tiny bony heels on my left).

This guy loves his placenta — he’s been nuzzling it in every scan since 27 weeks. I almost feel bad about having to separate those two. It’s the only friend he’s ever known! 😉 We did see the profile of his lips. I don’t think we have to worry about him getting the donor’s relatively thin lips! He’s got some smoochers on him. Due to placental nuzzling, we remain unsure as to whether he still looks like Uncle Fester, as his 27 week 3D image implied.

At any rate, only a few weeks til we see him on the outside anyway. Despite A’s great desire otherwise, we think he’s gonna be bald bald bald. He’ll get hair eventually, we figure. But she was really hoping for a good running start.

He’s got all his parts otherwise, and my fluid level is “excellent.” AND I got to do my own swabbing for GBS. Fancy business. Next week we make the birth plan. So crazy. So soon.


3 thoughts on “Third Tri Scan — the last views on the inside (we hope)

  1. ahhh i can’t wait to see him!!! Placental nuzzling- maybe he’ll be a big blankie boy? LOL. Glad everything is going so well though- hope these last few weeks continue on that same trend!

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