You and me and everyone we know

…is “just checking in” with me these days.

I’m torn between kind of loving it — the emails, the texts, the facebook wall posts — and being not into it — the phone calls (ugh what could fill me with more dread than phone calls!?).

My sister says, “It’s like everyone thinks you’re about to inherit a bunch of money.” So true. Or like they think I had the baby in secret and forgot to tell them.

In baby-having news…there is none. I’m drinking lots of tea, sitting on an exercise ball, walking (sometimes) and doing the evening primrose jig (except I hate putting it up my whosywhatsit and then leaking oil all night…). Last night when I went to pop it in, I poked around and was quite dismayed to find…nothing again. Can’t even locate the ol’ cervix, though I’m sure she’s in there somewhere. Certainly not locked and loaded, as I’d hoped.

Today when I get my chiro massage, I will ask her to work magic. We’ll see if she’s got any.


5 thoughts on “You and me and everyone we know

  1. Oh, I was so there. It WAS really nice of people to be thinking of me, I told myself, but… by 42 weeks, I was ready to unplug the phone and delete al m email.

    Oh and that was one of the most disturbing movies ever.

  2. Sorry everyone’s bugging you. This is one reason I’m being really vague about my due date–hoping it buys me an extra week, though it may not. I saw a recipe for a labor-inducing cocktail. For your amusement, I will give it to you here, in case you do get desperate. The first one is to bring on labor ‘soonish’ and the other one came with the suggestion to have your stuff in the car so you can head straight for the hospital (sorry to hijack, but what can I do? I’m chatty, and I love a good recipe exchange).

    2 cups water
    1 part cinnamon
    5 parts clove
    tons of chopped ginger
    Boil for 30 minutes, remove from heat and add 3 drops of VERBENA essential oil. Makes two cups

    2 tbs almond butter
    2 tbs castor oil
    blend with 300ml water
    5 drops verbena (0.1ml)
    200 ml apricot juice
    drink quickly (within half an hour).

    If you try them, let us know if they work!

    • I don’t feel bugged yet, it’s just that my general feelings of dread surrounding talking on the phone have been really accentuated by the number of phone calls I’m getting. Being vague about the EDD might help, but the truth is that ours isn’t until Nov 22 and I’ve been getting check-ins for over a week already. It really is sweet, I just don’t feel like responding to everyone…

      As for the recipes…#2 sounds GROSS! Like a heaping glass of diarrhea-inducer. #1 sounds pretty tasty, though…

      • Really? I thought the apricot juice might help mitigate the castor oil (about which I know only that it is disgusting on all fronts). November 22nd is my sister’s birthday, about which she has mixed emotions (it ends up being thanksgiving with fair regularity). But I say go for it! 11/22/11 is an awesome birth date!

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