My life is a Braxton-Hicks

Tomorrow is 39 weeks, calculated from Sperm Day (38w6d if you count from LMP, which is what the midwives are doing so as to delay an induction as long as possible [thanks anyway]). Despite a myriad of spicy foods, walks, lots of tea, those ghastly evening primrose capsules, a full moon, and the will of my mother, the guyguy is still on the inside.

I’m beginning to think he calls the shots around here.

Today, and especially since the afternoon, I’ve been having loads of B-H. No pain, just the lots of peeing that accompanies having the ol’ bladder squeezed. I’m certainly not holding my breath about them or anything.

I thought maybe the dude would come yesterday because our new sofa was scheduled to be delivered, but he let it happen without a hitch. And then I thought maybe I’d go into labor last night because I didn’t get to sleep til after 4am after two REALLY splendid nights of sleep. Maybe he’s not the ruiner I’m making him out to be, though…

Tomorrow we have our 39 week midwife appointment. They don’t do cervical checks until your due date, because it doesn’t change their course, unless you request one. Maybe I will. Except if it’s nothing, I’m sure to feel defeated.


4 thoughts on “My life is a Braxton-Hicks

  1. Okay, I’ll admit it… I am one of the checker-iners you were talking about in that last post and every time I see your blog 85% of me is expecting a baby to be on it! The other 15% of me keeps forgetting when your DD is and so isn’t sure if it is too early or not to be expecting that. Ha. Hope he comes soon for you, can’t wait to read the baby-is-here announcement!

  2. If it makes you feel better (it probably won’t), my wife was born one full month after her due date. This should improve the outlook because nowadays no one would ever, ever let it get to that point. So there is one tiny beacon of happiness for you in a sea of braxton-hicks…

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