Just to say…

that I totally jinxed it. Dream baby slept much like a regular-ass baby last night. Slept 1-2 hour stretches, nursed for 40-60 minutes. Would fuss when I laid him down, then fall instantly asleep again when a boob touched his mouth (but wasn’t eating). In a fit of desperation after a few hours of cluster feeding, I stuck a pacifier in his mouth. When it touched his lips, he fell instantly asleep. But he wouldn’t suck on it. So would wake within a few minutes and fuss again.

At least he let us sleep through that first crazy week…


3 thoughts on “Just to say…

  1. Ugh. It’s tough. You guys will adjust to the disrupted sleep though. Well, kinda… I’m convinced that my memory is shot since The Bean was born, but I still function at a pretty reasonable level. 🙂

    The milk-drunk photo is so stinkin’ adorable, by the way.

    Keep soaking up all the baby love!

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