As I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before (but I’m not going to go back to look), we had been planning to transition to cloth diapers after the newborn extreme diapering/laundering craze subsided. In the meantime, we were using P.ampers Swaddlers, first in newborn size and then (sniff sniff) in size 1. We had also, though, purchased some H.uggies and some T.arget brand size 1 diapers. You know, because they’re cheaper.

He’s worn a total of 3 of the H.uggies brand. Two of them have leaked. One of them — today — basically just got baby feces everywhere. So right now? Right now, he’s wearing his first CD. We’ll see how it goes. We leave Thursday (I hope — our date of departure keeps getting pushed back) for my parents’ for three weeks, so I don’t know if we’ll do this there, but I think I’m going to pack them. Because what’s one more bag in the car when we’re already bringing SO MUCH STUFF?


3 thoughts on “Diapers

  1. Your post is very ironic as we have been using pampers swaddlers since day one. At our baby showers they had a diaper drive and everyone needed to bring a pack of diapers to get in the door. We recv’d all different brands and sizes. We had finished off one of the pampers packs and thought we might try the huggies. We can TOTALLY relate to your post because both boys’ diapers leaked everywhere 😦 So, I just went to the store and exchanged all the huggies for pampers 🙂 We are wanting to try CD aswell after the infant stage. Keep posting — we are eager to hear how it turns out! Have a safe and wonderful trip.

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