‘Tis the season…

These apocalyptically unseasonable warm days have afforded young sir his first actual trip outside, i.e. not in the carseat inside a fleece bag. He bundled into a fuzzy body suit thing, 3 months size and a smidge too short in the torso for longbones over here, and was thusly stuffed into the Ergo. We then walked with my parents and their moose of a dog to the park and around for probably 20 minutes or so. He slept heavily before we were at the end of the driveway and throughout his whole first outdoor experience.

He’s also been enduring his first head cold. So young, I know, and so breastfed. But I came down with something (we thing our darling niece was patient zero), and then the boy caught it, and then grandpa caught it (they’re best friends), and now A has it. My mom is holding strong. It was scary the first night — he was congested, screamed like bloody hell when we suctioned his nose. We slept terribly, both because we couldn’t stop checking to make sure he was breathing and because he kept waking up because of the post-nasal drip. No fevers, and no getting too congested to eat, and we’re already well on the other side of it. He’s still got a little booger action, but is back to voracious eating today.


I don’t even remember what day I started this. Anyway, the sir is feeling lots better, but now A has it in full force.

IN OTHER NEWS, he’s giant. Partly, I’m guessing, because he DETESTS pacifiers and only comfort sucks on my body, he’s — I’m guessing — at least 12 pounds now. Maybe closer to 13. He’s wearing some 3-6 month onesies, mostly because the 0-3 are pushed to capacity lenghwise when he’s wearing cloth diapers. We’re proud to say he’ll now take a bottle (under certain conditions, including my being out of the room, a level 3 nipple, anticipating his hunger so he’s not worked up, and sometimes having to put him down in the bouncer or lying on the bed so he doesn’t think he’s about to get nursed.

This meant that A and I got to have our first post-baby date Friday night. My parents babysat and we went for dinner and a drink. Nothing fancy, as we’re in my hometown, but it was a triumph. I worried a little (I think A was the rock here), but it was irrational.

He continues to sleep pretty well at night so far, generally starting with a 4-ish hour stretch around 10-ish and then having shorter stretches after that. The new and unfortunate trend is that he fights sleep for about an hour and a half leading up to that 10pm mark. Right now, in fact, my dad is singing and walking in endless circles around the dining room table. He’s the only one of us with the upper body strength to actually do that for long. My back is killing me. It should be interesting to see how we fare when we return home on Wednesday, and no longer have grandpa for sleeptime.

Part of the sleep fighting, I think, comes from the fact that he’s staying awake too long in the evening leading up to then. Tonight for example, after sleeping solidly from noon to 4pm, he’s been awake for 5 hours straight. Too long for a 5 week old. So he’s super overtired, crabby, keeps signalling hunger but not wanting to eat, etc. But we can’t for the life of us figure out how to prevent this long awake stretch.

Hopefully this is short-lived. It’s been going on for about a week now. Once he gets to sleep, like I said, it’s usually for a good solid chunk. But he’s making us work for it. Suggestions on this welcome.

If you’ve read this far, you deserve better than this crappy photo, but alas…


One thought on “‘Tis the season…

  1. I love the overalls! I don’t love the sleep issues, but I am still blissfully ignorant of good solutions to that one. Have you been suck(er)ed into buying a nosefrida yet? They’re super-gross, but my mom friends all love them for snot-sucking. Apparently they work well enough to get over the repulsion.

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