On sleep, of course

I started to write up the birth story, but it’s hard to get pretty much anything done these days because young man has decided to become very difficult to get to sleep.

Once he’s down, the trend until today was that he’s pretty good. Daytime sleep is erratic, which has led to some fussy days, but once we get him down at night he at least doesn’t think it’s playtime til a morning-ish hour. The trouble is that he’s become very difficult to *get* down.

We started a bedtime routine, which is kind of tricky to time because sometimes what we think is a nap is actually the beginning of night sleep for him. But most nights we’re giving him a bath (he loves being in the warm water, gets very relaxed and prefers bathing in the big tub with one or both moms), then A reads to him while he nurses (he can’t wait it out). Then, typically, the battle begins. Because he still won’t suck on anything that isn’t my boob, and because he loves to comfort suck (i’m nursing one million hours each day), he’ll keep sucking and get mad that milk is still coming out (no question as to why he’s over 13 lbs!). Then A takes him and rocks or jiggles or whatever, which often puts him to sleep. But he doesn’t stay asleep. And then i nurse him again and usually he does. But from nurse #1 to end nurse is like an hour or two.

Today I tried to catch him drowsy and get him to nap, a la weissbluth. He was not “easily soothed to sleep” and instead, easily five of my daytime hours today were spent trying to get him to nap (ie not doing that tomorrow!).

Today he won’t stay asleep without a boob in or on his face. We did take a three hour nap like that together (thank god). I’m doing attempt #2 to sleep right now, as my first attempt lasted 10 min despite his having been deeply asleep when i laid him down.

We are hoping this is a short lived phase. Tomorrow i am going to get out of the house and try to be chill about it all. Hoping he develops some self-soothing soon, as my sanity is faltering a little. Also will help when A finishes the project she’s past deadline on and more day duty gets shared. Tho the artificial nipple resistance…didn’t plan on that one.

Maybe this is coherent? Am writing it on my ipod, my bff in these trying times.

And despite all this, i love him so much and find his roly poly self so squeezable right now.

Oh, and any advice is officially welcome.


5 thoughts on “On sleep, of course

  1. I think it’s far too early to worry about sleep problems… other than your own of course. I would definitely suggest figuring out how you can side-lie to nurse him thereby affording him the ability to latch/de-latch at will even while you doze or read. The fact that he even HAS a “down for the night” period at this age is great! I know it doesn’t feel like that when your days are just endless cycles of eat/sleep/change diaper/repeat…. but the truth is, there’s not much else you can do during this time. (Well, my doula made the mistake of telling me she WROTE HER DISSERTATION during the newborn stage of her second baby. But that was just plain wrong.)

    • you’re right, of course, and thanks for the perspective. obv you can’t train a newborn, it just was a rough day yesterday. today: better.

      i’d love to get back to my dissertation, but until young sir takes a feeding from someone else, no can do. i feel like it’s prob unprofessional to take one’s baby to the archives…maybe second babies are different…?

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