Irony at 8 weeks

The zunzun is 8 weeks old today.

The irony of referring to him as the zunzun or the zunzuncito is that it’s the world’s smallest bird. And this baby? This baby is not the world’s smallest baby.

He had his first round of vaccines a week ago today. The ped’s office clocked him at 13 lbs 1.5 oz and 24″ long. This boy’s a good eater! I asked the ped if he was huge and he said, “he doesn’t look huge.” I said, “he looks huge to me!” and he said, “it’s your egg, right? …you’re not a petite person.” Gotta love that guy. He’s very chill about everything. Kind of like I thought I would be…

Since the night before we hit 7 weeks, the lil big guy has really taken a turn towards the chill-er. I guess that “6 week fussy” thing is true? He’s much less urgent about his desire to nurse every second, and is instead willing to hang out thrusting his tongue for a little while. I.e. he doesn’t need to instantly gratify his urge to suck. He still won’t take a pacifier, but is getting better at finding his hands and sucking on those. It helps, a lot.

He breaks out of the velcro swaddle every single time we wrap him. We also got a woo.mbie? It’s weird. But he can’t break out of it. Flip side, his arms are freer to move around inside the cocoon. Six of one, I guess. He still wakes up an inconsistent number of times in the night, but I’ve determined that the stretches get shorter and shorter as we near daybreak. For the last week or so, I’ve pretty consistently brought him into our bed between 5:30 and 6:30. By then, he’s usually waking up every 40-ish minutes, and I can’t bear it any longer. We sleep and nurse side-lying and he’ll usually push through til somewhere between 8 and 10:30. Also it’s very sweet and he sleeps holding onto my boob with both hands.

We are doing a consistent bedtime routine now, usually starting between 7 and 7:30. We take a bath (he doesn’t really fit in the infant tub anymore, and prefers to chill between A’s legs in the tub. He likes the water very warm. As in, if the little safety duck doesn’t say “HOT,” he cries because he’s cold. Such a Caribbean baby. Post-bath, he gets into pajamas and A reads two books, one in Spanish and one in English, while I nurse him. He is always tired, and occasionally goes instantly to sleep and stays that way. Sometimes he fakes us out until 9.

A and I have been eating dinner together once he’s down, though it’s an awfully late hour and we’re sometimes too hungry. I get grown up things done and A works a bit, and we still try to go to bed together most nights. Sometimes I can’t take it and have to go to bed before her, as I’m up much more in the night than she is. But we try to hang out a little, sometimes watch some TV or read together. We’re figuring it out.

Just to make this even longer, let me also say that this boy is getting more charming by the minute. When he’s well-rested (so, generally in the morning and only later if he takes long enough naps, which seems hard for him to do), he smiles huge grins and little sly half-smiles and big gaping open-mouth smiles, and babbles up a storm. It kills us. He loves to be on the changing mat, and does a lot of his socializing there. He also frequently gets grinny in the bathtub. He is increasingly interested in toys for looking at, and sometimes seems to reach for them. He does a lot of accidental batting, and is generally liking more time to lay by himself and kick and flail at the toys or watch the fire in the fireplace or some such.

The boy with a thousand faces has really settled into just a couple. It seems my genes have overridden a lot of the donor’s, and he looks quite like my dad. It’s the eyes, mostly, which seem to only get lighter. Who knew with this combo we’d get a giant blue-eyed baby!? (It’s hard to get a non-blurry awake picture these days — he moves so much!)


2 thoughts on “Irony at 8 weeks

    • i was looking at the miracle blanket today, but can’t tell what the size limit is — little big man is barrel chested! i already mis-judged that stupid woombie, so i’m reluctant to buy another swaddler that will only last us a few weeks. you’ve got a little man!

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