more excited than I probably should be

You know how all the baby sleep books are like, “you should put your baby in his crib when he is drowsy, but still awake”?

Well, I was like, yeah that’s all fine and good for babies who take a pacifier or who have less of a temper than our baby, but this baby gets wide awake if you put him down before he’s sleeping like a rock!


The zunzun was acting tired, so I took him in his room, swaddled him up good (I used a receiving blanket to bind his arms like the Miracle Blanket [a trick I read about on the interwebs] then swaddled him in a muslin blanket on top of that) so he can’t get his arms free, then rocked and nursed him like usual. He dozed and then would wake up off and on for FOREVER.

I had decided last week after that horrible day where I spent more waking hours trying to get him to sleep than anything else that I would set a time limit for getting him down. I’d pretty well reached it. So I thought, what the heck? And I put him in his crib.

Obv, young sir’s eyes popped wide open and he promptly began kicking, cooing, wrenching his head around this way and that, etc. He played like that for about 15 minutes, not crying, just hanging out. And then he started to get kinda pissed about it. He did his kind of owly yelling/whining that he does when he’s tired — not a full-on cry, just mad sounds. Just when he’d started to escalate to the point where I got up to get him, I noticed his eyes were closed. And he chilled. Quiet. Then started again, but this time just for maybe 30 seconds. Then? Then?



So I got the hell out of his room. This was 15 minutes ago now, and not a peep.

I’m so proud of our self-soothing boy! Maybe it’ll even happen again?


4 thoughts on “more excited than I probably should be

  1. That is awesome! I have to say, after 10 months of co-sleeping (plus the first three months of arms-reach bassinetting): way-to-fcking-go!! Because guess what? They do NOT magically become less opinionated or cranky as they grow up…au contraire! Hooray for you & the giant zunzun!

  2. Funny, I always get whiny and mad when I get tired, too. Glad it worked! Hopefully it’ll become his new favorite thing and he’ll get excited about naptime!

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