Birth Story: part 1 (the first 24 hours)

This is my version, with elaborations from A’s memory (where mine failed) and some smoothing (in the interest of length and from telling the story a number of times).

Contractions woke me up at 5:37am on Tues the 22nd, our official due date. I let A know and asked if she was ready to be a mom today. After timing a few (about 30 seconds long, 4-6 minutes apart), A went back to sleep and I got up and ate breakfast, too anxious and excited to sleep.

Contractions held at that spacing, but got increasingly stronger as the day wore on. I spent much of the day on the exercise ball and relaxing on the couch, with some time logged on the treadmill to try to move it along. A did some work and some hanging with me. We expected to be heading to the hospital by evening.

…which didn’t happen. Though the contractions got longer and stronger, they did not get closer together or hold a discernible pattern. Around 9pm we paged the midwife to talk strategy, as we were headed into nighttime. She told us to rest, to have a glass of wine and a warm bath and get some sleep.

So I drank a small glass of red wine and got into bed (I might have spent some time in a hot shower? Don’t remember.). I actually managed to sleep about 2.5 hours (A did not) and woke up at 12:30 with contractions about a minute long and 2.5 minutes apart. We timed it there for about 40 minutes. A was convinced this was it, got dressed, tossed the remaining things in the hospital bag. I got back in the shower. We called the midwife, who was very encouraging but again told us to get some rest, save energy, we weren’t ready for the hospital.

We got into bed and I slept very poorly, waking as I was every 4 or 5 minutes to have contractions. A didn’t sleep at all, and laid there timing them all until around 4:30.

So ended the first 24 hours of labor.


2 thoughts on “Birth Story: part 1 (the first 24 hours)

  1. sounds a lot like my first 24 hours, right down to the partner obsessed with timing contractions. the only difference is that M did manage to get some sleep in. she is useless without rest.

  2. This is the part that makes me nervous. Looking forward to the rest! Also, we took your restaurant suggestion this weekend and I felt MUCH better after my Lechon sammie and plaintain chips! 🙂

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