4:18am est

I wrote a whole post last night at 4 in the morning, but then my battery died and all that remains is the title.

The short version is that we’re back in Miami for a funeral. The zunzun is being a champ, even though he’s got a cold (who needs to go to daycare when you’ve got a cousin who does? And how does one deal with that perpetual cold??). He was charming for the old ladies and silent during the service, slept at the cemetery despite the 87 degree heat. Our good guy.

But he skipped a lot of napping, and was so overtired and inconsolable when we got home that he wouldn’t even latch on to nurse to sleep per usual. He was instead bounced an jiggled into oblivian, where he remained for 8 hours and 20 minutes.

I feel utterly guilty that we exhausted him into the longest sleep of his life and that I was so so pleased at having gotten my first uninterrupted 5+ hours of sleep in at least 5 months.

I of course woke up before he did, due to extreme elephantitis of the boobs, which still haven’t gotten back to equilibrium just yet.

Suffice it to say, I felt so *rested* that it took over an hour for me to settle back to sleep.

I wouldn’t mind another shot at that, but without the miserably tired baby preceding. Eventually, right?


2 thoughts on “4:18am est

  1. I am sorry to hear that you three had a funeral to attend… I hope you all are okay. ❤

    And I am thrilled to finally get a chance to read your birth story! Excited to hear how it ends, even though I know how it ends 😉

  2. ❤ the Boy has had a cold since beginning daycare in Dec. How to cope? Lots of supersoft kleenex and a humidifier + Vicks Vaporub. That's what we've been doing for all of us (plus Nyquil for us adults…)
    8 hours of sleep is a freaking miracle!! I wish you many more such nights in the future…

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