Wake up call

A week ago, the zunzun’s night sleep very suddenly changed. He’s slept much longer stretches, Sometimes waking between 9 and 11 but then sleeping 6-9 hours.

Awesome, right? Except my body isn’t sure what to do after so many months of very interrupted sleep! And my boobs are haywire, often waking me up themselves, full and hard and throbbing.

That’s not the problem, though. I pump and it’s taken care of. The issue is that the zunzun is waking between 5 and 530 instead of the 7 to 730 he was doing before. He eats voraciously, sometimes kinda dozing back off and then starts looking around, wiggling out of the swaddle, turn over on my lap, talking and cooing, etc.

I can’t tell if he’s rested or overtired. Last night I put him down at 6, he woke at 640 (typical for him to rouse after his first sleep cycle), got him back to sleep shortly thereafter, woke at 10 for maybe 15 min, then slept til 510.

Too early for his moms!

But as soon as his night sleep got better, his day sleep got way worse. He’s several times this week “napped” for 15-30 minutes, then woken up crying and crabby but unwilling to go back down. On those days, I laid with him for a nap in the afternoon, typically 2-ish hours.

So is he rested after 11 hours of night sleep, or overtired bc of his hitty napping? An if it’s the former, is there any hope??

I’ve been scouring the blogs with toddlers for advice. But if any of you reading have thoughts, pls volunteer them? Tonight will experiment with slightly later bedtime to see if that helps. I don’t want to be a 5am riser!


5 thoughts on “Wake up call

  1. later bedtime was going to be my guess suggestion, but considering that I have no idea, I’ll just sympathize that 5am is WAY TOO EARLY and hope that someone else knows what they’re talking about.

  2. Within the last few weeks Lou has been doing the same thing. He used to sleep 12 hours straight with no issues, 9-9. Now he still goes to bed around 9pm but wakes up around 5-6am to eat but will go back to sleep within about 30 min and sleep until around 9-10am. He still goes to bed at the same time but he’s starting to take longer naps now which when he slept straight through he would only nap in 15-30 min increments. Maybe the naps are causing him to sleep less?? Idk but I miss my sleep.

  3. How’s it going? I would guess 6pm is too early for him to be going down for the night. River typically takes an evening nap sometime around 6/6:30pm, so maybe he is good to get back up for an hour to an hour and a half after that.
    Right now Riv goes down between 8/8:30pm, wakes at 5:30am to eat and goes back to sleep until 8:30/9am.
    Though the past few nights she’s been up until 9/9:30pm, which means she’s not getting up for her next feed until 6/6:30am, which is awesome. Then she’s up for the day at 9:30am. I could definitely work with this schedule if it sticks!

  4. well after a week of these super long stretches, he stopped doing them. at least for now. now he’s averaging 4-5 hour stretches instead of 6-9, which is still better than 1.5-3. he hasn’t been up for the day at 5 in a week.

    we’re now trying to get to sleep by 7. he usually wakes up after the first sleep cycle and needs help getting back down, but then he sleeps til like 12:30, and then usually til somewhere between 4 and 5:30, then he comes into bed with us. typically he wakes up for the day between 7 and 7:30, but the last two mornings he’s slept in (and we’ve let him).

    naps still wonky, but just trying to deal for now. he’s boycotted the morning nap twice, and we’re still only getting one decent-lengthed nap a day. maybe they’ll stretch on their own in the next couple of months?

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