I did it!

It was ok! I worked for 2.5 hours… with only like three facebook checks. I re-read some stuff, typed up some notes from meetings, found a great primary document, consulted with isa re: library biz. It wasn’t so terrible after all!

I resisted the urge to dash upstairs when I heard him throwing a fit at naptime (he almost never gets put down for a nap by anyone but me and almost always nurses before a nap). And then he slept for over an hour for her! What!?

When we came upstairs at the end, he was happily sitting in the sitter’s lap, reading books. He looked up at us, but didn’t seem particularly surprised or even happy to see us. So obviously when A left to take the sitter home and go to class, I nursed him and shed maybe 2 tears and then he was full and happy and I tickled him and he squealed and commenced to talk and gurgle and laugh. He didn’t take much from the bottle (3 oz) all afternoon, so maybe he was just a little too hungry to be excited to see us…? 😉

In other big new-parent news, I just installed our new convertible carseat! Bubba was not feeling that infant seat anymore. When he wakes up from his nap, we’ll give it a whirl! We got a Britax Boulevard 70, for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the 70 lbs weight limit (you know, just in case little buddy stays in the 90th percentile…). It was an overwhelming decision for some reason, so I’m just letting you know.


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