(un)swaddle saga update

We’re a week and change into the unswaddling project. It’s getting better! We got a sleepsack for warmth and for the association of getting zipped up. Now little buddy goes for a few hours at a time. Twice we’ve gotten five hour stretches. Last night he didn’t come to our bed til quarter of 5! Almost like old times.

I am still putting him down asleep, but now I lay him on his side, which minimizes flailing. Sometimes he stays that way, sometimes he turns onto his back. If he flips onto his belly, which he is now expert at, he gets instantly very angry. This rarely happens, though. He is not so good at belly to back rolling.

A can get him to sleep while he’s laying in the crib, so she’s been dealing with more of the wakings at the beginning of the night. He does not really tolerate my doing that, of course, what with the feedbags right there n all.

In a moment of desperation last week, I ordered a baby merlin magic sleepsuit, but now I think we might return it an just keep on keepin’ on.

Slowly but surely, I guess.

I was worried that he wouldn’t calm down with his arms free and waving about, but he does. It takes him a bit longer. If he’s really going, we hold his arms gently to his sides and he generally drifts off.

I’ve been trying to change it up so he’s not always nursed to sleep. When a mom is lying next to him, he’ll settle pretty quickly on his own and sleep. Hopefully soon that’ll also be true in his crib.

Next week we are in Trinidad, so we’ll see how all this pans out there. We’re very excited for the trip: in all our travels, the first half of next week is our first family vacation!


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