In the interest of not leaving this undone, let me just tell you that we’re totally unswaddled now. The zunzun sleeps most nights from between 7:30 and 8 til between 4:30 and 6:30. At that point, he comes into bed with us to nurse and *usually* falls back to sleep for a couple more hours (though we’ve had the odd 5:30 wake up, which is hard on the ol’ moms).

Most of the time, the zunzun sleeps in a Halo SleepSack, but it’s for warmth not association. He sleeps fine without it, too, if the temperature is right. The sack also keeps his legs inside the crib, which is an issue now that our guy helicopters around his crib like he’s got somewhere to be. The pleasure of checking on him and seeing what position he’s in was quite unexpected, but it’s common to giddily announce to the other mom how he’s sleeping, though more often than not he’s just on his side or his back.

Nothing remarkable happened to get us to this point.

After a week of truly awful sleep, and him getting into bed with us as early as midnight (i.e. before we’d even gone to sleep for the night), he just suddenly got better. The 2 hour stretch turned into a 4 hour stretch turned into a 6 hour stretch. And then on vacation, he started marathoning. We thought it was just because we were wearing him out, keeping him up too late, and not napping at our normal schedule, but after two wonky nights back home he kicked back into it.

I still nurse him to sleep and put him down fully asleep, though he’s also gone to sleep for the babysitter and for A (rocking and/or bouncing on the exercise ball). If he wakes up within the first few hours, we let him fuss for a bit. Usually he goes back to sleep, but if it escalates I go in and get him back down. We were going to work on getting himself to sleep, but it seems like we shouldn’t fuck with it for the time being. If it ain’t broke.

Of course, this is all subject to radical change now that it’s clear we’ve entered the realm of teething. Once you’ve had good sleep, having it taken away is so cruel — worse, maybe, than never having had it? But it comes back. It will come back.



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