I remembered

the other first! It was that he found his boy-parts while we were away. Ha! Boy, has that made things easier and harder. He takes comfort in making sure everything’s still there, but it makes diaper changes more of a struggle. I try to implement a “first we wipe, then we check” rule, but he doesn’t always listen 😉

Of course, since then lots of other things have happened! Little buddy is a CHATTER! Man, does this kid like to yak. He babbles to announce he’s awake in the morning, and rarely stops unless he’s confronted with a new person or if we’re out in the world (and for both of those, it’s only temporary!). A thinks he’s saying “mama” at me/us, but I’m not as convinced…though he doesn’t do a lot of “dadadada”-ing. I think probably he’s responding to our encouragement/excitement about “mama(mamamama).”

We were home for a week between our east coast odyssey and 5 days in San Fran for a wedding. In that week, he started to move forward. As in, he can get where he wants to go now. It’s not crawling, per se — it’s probably more technically an army crawl, though he sometimes sticks his butt in the air, does a bit of rolling, drags himself, kicks off of the floor and other things, etc. But he can move. Mercifully, it’s still not very fast!

A thinks that Mister Man doesn’t get up on all fours because he’s so HEAVY! And who can blame him? Even though the zunzun is, as of Friday, 9 months old, we don’t have our 9 month well baby for 3 more weeks. This morning we weighed him on our bathroom scale to the tune of 26.2 pounds. (Like a marathon of pounds!) All three of us are building muscle from all that zunzun!

What else can he do? He has only pulled himself into sitting from laying once (and it was on the bed). Likewise from seated to standing (on the sofa, to grab at cats). He does more indicating of when he wants something, and what it is. He reaches, bounces, and directs our hands (like if we’re clapping and stop, he’ll grab on our hands and swing them together, though he himself will not clap yet, to poor A’s dismay). It’s pretty fun.

He loves music, and will often stop crying if you start singing. Anything. But especially the first song off of this album, The Bottle Let Me Down, our collective fave kids album. (Though after a month-long road trip, you might imagine how many times we’ve listened to it. Worth it when tears turn to grins within the first bars, but still. Like 90million times.)

He’s really a happy, chill dude. People frequently comment out in the world, and were especially impressed at how flexible he was during our travels. And he was and is, and we’re so so grateful. Sometimes people credit us with that, and while I guess it’s true that if your parents constantly throw you at new places and people, you get adaptable, I really think we can only do that because he’s so chill to begin with.

A is waiting to see what kind of juvenile delinquent he’ll be in adolescence. I prefer not to think about adolescence at all.

We are mercifully home, but only til Friday again, when we head to visit my family. I’m excited, and we haven’t seen much of them this summer, but I am pretty tired of traveling.

I hope to write more soon, on a couple of subjects, including: fave baby stuff (for our records, for friends, for other baby-havers generally), parenting things we thought we’d do/not do vs. what we do/don’t do, and about how we bought 3 vials of sperm unexpectedly. TEASERS!

And now, since I’m an infrequent writer, a photo reward. We wanted so badly to get a photo with the zunzun being held by the Prez, but this is what we got as a consolation prize: two charming dudes, one photo frame. (Yes, his hair is totally red. I don’t know. They absolutely told us the donor was Caribbean! [Note: I’ve seen photos of some donor siblings now, and they all look nothing alike. This donor is a total chameleon/passive gene pool. Go figure!])



7 thoughts on “I remembered

  1. I keep expecting colicky twins as some kind of divine retribution. I’d be happier with that than angry teenagers… He’s so cute! And I’m sure it’s totally worth being bored out of your skull to hear him giggle! Glad his man-parts are still there. You never know when they might disappear without warning! Best to keep checking and be sure…

  2. Zunzun weighs more than G-man at 20 months! And G now says “Bye bye” and waves to his penis when his new diaper goes on. You have THAT to look forward to. What an agreeable little traveler you’ve got. 3 vials of sperm, hmmmm?

    • he’s so enormous. and it’s not because of solids (i should post about that — he only eats a few bites of food a day). he nurses like a motherfucker! i can’t wait for him to talk to his dinger. that’s hilarious!

  3. Wow that’s interesting about his donor- so you mean he’s black? Our donor (my Caribbean wife’s brother) is also black so I’d assumed we’d have dark babies with curly hair…but perhaps not?! Your wee boy is very cute 🙂

  4. So cute! And huge! In comparison, Bunny weighs about 21 lbs.

    You have had quite the summer! Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures.

    A lot of people tell me Bunny seems like a chill dude and he is not. At all. He just gets kinda quiet and observant in new situations.

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