Little person

The zunzun is reminding us daily that he’s a little person, not just our squishy little baby. This past month has brought so many changes in him, but it’s already hard to remember when he wasn’t just like this. And it’s true: each new stage is quickly the new “favorite age,” even though they bring new challenges.

We had our 9 month ped visit a month late, but here were the stats:

26 lbs 2 oz
30.5″ long

The ped said several times, “He’s a big kid!”

Indeed. I have arms like Michelle Obama.

His personality emerges more and more every day, though one thing has been true forever: he likes things on his own terms.

He has generally refused most attempts to spoon feed him (every once in a while I get a yogurt in). He loves finger foods, and can feed himself those pouches, which he eats about once a day. His favorite foods right now are peas, beans and cheese, and gnawing on (“sharing”) my apples. He eats the peas and beans one at a time. It’s so cute. He also still loves all bread products. He still hates avocado and sweet potatoes.

He is crawling all over creation, on all fours now. He no longer has a comfort zone in the house, and will traverse the whole length of the apartment. He pulls up to standing and, if leaning, will let go. He just figured out how to crawl on his elbows so he can carry toys around. He has, so far, no interest in walking or independent standing.

He is great at unloading — he empties anything and everything, but mercifully has not yet figured out how to open doors or drawers. He regularly peeps his head/arm into the cat door to the room that contains their food, water and litter boxes. He wants in there so badly.

We have been doing swimming lessons on Mondays and a Spanish-language music class on Thursdays. He is okay with swimming, but doesn’t love it (read: going underwater). He is enthralled by music class, though. He loves banging drums! We got him some for home and he’s in heaven.

In the last couple of weeks he’s started “talking back,” and will grin and imitate some sounds. He babbles bababa, mamama, dadada, yayaya, derderder, oohoohooh, and a long fffffffff.

When he gets excited, he bounces up and down, bobbing his head. This is usually how he wakes us up. He also squeals and shrieks and swings his hands around at the wrist.

He remains a very observant and jolly fellow out in the world. Still no stranger anxiety to speak of, but he’s still working through his separation anxiety. He loves when his moms both hold him at the same time — like a group hug. He puts one arm around each of our shoulders and face smooshes/”kisses” us. We love it, too.

We had a miserable month of teething that finally resulted in his top right tooth. Then a few days of reprieve (sleeping bliss) followed by some constipation issues and now, we think, the top left is starting. Eesh. He lets us look if we flip him upside down. He thinks that’s hilarious.

We had a very sweet visit with the zunzun’s abuela, who is crazy about him. September was an insane travel month, and we decided not to go anywhere in October. Anywhere. It’s a great relief, and nice for all of us to have a regular rhythm for a bit.

There’s so much more to say, but later. I’ll post a picture when I’m not on a mobile…


6 thoughts on “Little person

  1. I have a feeling PB will be about that size by his 9mo appt! I totally get having new favorite ages as they accomplish different milestones … I’m kinda feeling that now! So glad for the update. =)

  2. What a big boy! (He reminds me of my nephew, who at 6 months is nearly the same weight as my 21 month old.)
    I LOVED the 9m-12m period. And pretty much every stage since then… and to be honest, before then too, though it was nice not to be so sleep deprived. It’s so enjoyable to watch them start to interact with their worlds. 🙂

  3. What a big boy! It seems my little giant has slowed his roll. He was only 25lbs 12 oz and 30.5 in at his 1 year appt. My steady 90%er is now in the 75%.

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