12 month stats

Officially, as of yesterday, the zunzun is:

26 lbs 13 oz
31 1/2 inches

Which means that at age 1, he’s half as tall as A. 😉

In sleep news…it’s sucking. He’s started waking a lot at night and refusing to go back down in his crib. I think we might have to actually sleep train him, which we’ve so far avoided both because things were working fine for us as a family and because we travel so much it’s very hard to be consistent. But it’s making me, especially, crazy. I don’t know. We’ll see. Maybe it’s just tooth #6, and it will settle down in a few days again…

Of course, last night turned out to be one of about three nights in his life that he didn’t come to bed with us at all. He woke several times in the night, made a couple of noises, thenwent back to sleep. Til 7am. So go figure. Who the hell knows what’s up with that.


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