I have to believe

that at some point in the near future — perhaps when we are more than 2 days out from the stomach flu — that the zunzun will start eating solid food again. Probably we won’t have an EBF toddler, right?


4 thoughts on “I have to believe

  1. He’ll eat solid food again. Bunny went on a four-day strike a few weeks ago, but started eating more than ever after he got past that. He’s also completely changed his relationship with breast milk since then. He still nurses like a fiend, but seems to no longer care for pumped mama milk when I am not around. (He never drank whole milk and started rejecting toddler formula a few months ago.)

    • i believe you…i think. he’s eating a little more now, but still not very much. he also popped a tooth over the weekend, so we’re thinking that’s part of it, too. my poor empty boobs…

  2. I am SO far behind on reading this but Gus had a 10 day stomach flu where all he did was vomit on me about a hundred times a day. He would not eat any solid food or even drink anything but breastmilk. It took him a minute but he’s back to his normal happy eating self (as I am sure zunzun is by now too). Just wanted to share some encouragement!

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