Crying it out

Buddy is on night three of crying it out. No checks, because it enrages him to see help and not be offered it.

He’d left us no choice, really. What we were doing worked until it didn’t, and three nights ago I rocked and nursed him to sleep three times over an hour an ten minutes, but he would not be put down in his crib. He was furious when I kissed him, told him I love him and it was time to sleep, and walked out.

Night 1, he cried for 40 minutes and fell asleep sitting, slumped over (“like a torilla,” A said). It was awful for all of us. I texted with my sister, who reminded me that he would forgive us by morning. He stayed that way until we went to bed, when I went in and laid him down proper. He woke up at 1am, and we brought him to our bed.

Last night the babysitter put him to bed. Same deal resisting the crib, but he cried for an hour for her and fell asleep in similar tortilla position. He stayed sleeping in his crib, though, til 6am, then came in with us for a couple more hours.

Tonight A is out, and I’m wearing headphones and watching Downton Abbey to try to not hear him. He is much less sad/upset/sobbing and much more angry/protesting/yelling. It’s only been 13 minutes so far, but he takes breaks between yells.

We were dreading sleep training, and have had a million excuses not to, but he pushed it til we broke. Hopefully the bad part is brief. Unfortunately, we start our holiday travels on Thursday, which will very likely undo whatever we accomplish. We do want him to learn to get to sleep on his own. It’s just hard to listen to him cry…


6 thoughts on “Crying it out

  1. It’s VERY difficult. We were so lucky that our little one never cried for long, it broke my mama heart to hear him, though looking back that period was so short-lived that it’s hard to remember. Hopefully Zunzun catches on quickly and you all start getting better, longer sleep.

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