CIO night 4

So last night’s post at 13 minutes was unfortch just the first quarter of the match. He cried for 58 minutes, and was crumpled tortilla-style when I checked him.

Tonight he cried for an hour and 7 minutes. Tortilla.

At some point the idea is that he won’t just cry until he’s so exhausted he passes out, right?


The internet has led me to believe that this is the “12 month sleep regression.” Brought on by a compendium of developmental leaps and bounds. So a little comfort in knowing this is normal, and that regardless he’ll grow out of some of it.

We travel on Thursday. Somehow, I doubt this will be resolved by then. I guess this is maybe what happens if you wait until your baby is almost 13 months old before you do any kind of sleep training…?

He repositioned himself lying down, which seemed promising, but then he woke up about 45 min ago and squawked for a few minutes. When we just checked on him, on our way to bed, he was back in a seated position, sitting sentry and stubborn. So very stubborn.


2 thoughts on “CIO night 4

  1. Well, minor comfort: EJ was the perfect (I mean PERFECT lie-her-down-awake-and-she’d-quietly-babble-herself-to-sleep) sleeper for a good long run there. Now she’s a screaming meanie. I tried to leave her for a nap today (she’s sick) and got a full load of laundry in, plus vacuumed the floor before deciding that I was being a jerk and going in to stop the crying. No advice, but you’re not alone!

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