We survived

We all remain intact after my weekend away. If you thought the zunzun would wean while I was gone, …you were v v wrong.

I had a v relaxing weekend, sleeping til i was ready to wake up, day drinking and not having to do anything. It was extremely refreshing and reinvigorating, even as I missed my family like whoa.

When I arrived home (I beat the snow, mercifully), the zunzun made not a move nor a facial expression in my direction. No response was the one response I hadn’t imagined. My heart nearly broken, I went and picked him up, touched foreheads with him — a smile — then took him over to sit on the sofa. He immediately picked up my hand and put it on my chest, signaling he wanted to nurse. I think I had a small drop in supply, but he does not appear phased.

Today it’s as if it all never happened.


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