#momstuff: Personal style crisis

I’m having a problem!

Now that I’m back to pre-baby size, and now that we’re in the project of reducing nursing to morning, nap and nighttime (project, yes), I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DRESS!

My body shape is just different enough now that lots of my old clothes just don’t work — hips a little wider, waist a little thicker, bo.obs a little…different. What’s worse is that I’ve been rocking a lot of stuff I bought in college, it’s, well, falling apart. And I think I’m too old to pull that off.

So, crowd sourcing…where do women in their early 30s buy clothing?!

Going back to the haunts of my early 20s (you know, the last time I shopped for real), I cannot wear that shit. I also do not have the money or the job to dress like a Professional Lady. I just want some decent tops, especially, that aren’t $90 t-shirts!

In return, I will tell you that Levi’s C.urveID is a lifechanger. You measure your waist to ass ratio and it gives you jeans that don’t gap or pinch! WHAT?! Yeah, that’s right. I never want to not be wearing them.

So, help a mama out?


2 thoughts on “#momstuff: Personal style crisis

  1. I like Gap, Banana Republic and Mexx… particularly if I can find stuff on sale. 🙂 My wife has had good luck at Ann Taylor for work clothes but mostly sticks to AA t-shirts for casual wear. 🙂

  2. God I need to know the answer to this question. So far all I can come up with is Target. Which is boring as hell, and not usually quite nice enough.

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