18 month stats

The zunzun remains a big guy, though he’s “slimming down” as is to be expected at this age, with so much running around and climbing like a monkey and practically falling over himself to get outside all.the.time.

The stats:
28 lbs 4 oz (90th-ish %ile?)
34″ (though she suspects that he is actually a little taller, given the TOTAL CONNIPTION he had when it was time to weigh & measure him)

He looks good to them!

The biggest, and very sad, thing out of this appointment is that our pediatrician is dying. We are very sad about this; we love our ped, and he’s been a real godsend for us some rookie moms — totally laid back, non-alarmist, good humored, expert. He even sometimes speaks a little Spanish with the zunzun. It’s a real loss for us, and for many, many other families (and his department at the hospital, and his family — including a grandson just a few months younger than zunzun). We saw a different doc today, and she volunteered that she’d be happy to see zunzun for his 2 year appointment, which indicated the seriousness of our doc’s situation. We liked her, and we’ll see her, but I doubt we’ll ever love another ped the way we love our doc.


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