School’s in session!

SO MUCH has happened since early June, when I realize I last wrote here. The summer has been cuckoo, and I thought many times about writing here, but it just seemed so daunting, and I’m not interested in guilt-blogging.

A lot of what happened is we moved! We’re settling into our new place, which is basically in an enchanted forest, which partially accounts for why we are still without reliable access to the information superhighway (theoretically, DSL is being turned on next week, a mere month after our arrival).

In the meantime:The zunzun started school yesterday! The first days went smoother than expected, thanks, I’m quite sure, to the very extensive transition plan they effected. Yesterday he ZONKED after his half day and took a three hour nap. Today he went the other direction and was totally wound up, skipping his nap and driving me crazy.

It is a little sad to pass this milestone, to release some of his care unto the world, but we’ve been very lucky to get this much time home with him and we’re all ready for this step. He loves playing with all the kids and toys, and we are already reaping the benefits of working with him out of the house — I might actually have to finish this dissertation!

I will write a 21 month update soon, as he’s so different now than he was at the beginning of summer, but I’m afraid if I attempt it now it’ll go on forever and never post. I’ll also post a password protected first day of school photo. If for some reason there’s someone who wants the password who doesn’t have it, email me for it (zunzunbobo at gmail).

I am sorely missing home, real midwestern late summer, my family, etc. but this is a pretty lovely place to be, and even lovelier to have the zunzun here.


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