Crib/bed switch?

Well, at long last, and just shy of 2 (2!), the zunzun figured out how to scale and subsequently escape his crib.

Obviously, this occurs not even three months after we decide that no, we are not yet ready for the toddler bed switch so yes, we should buy the same crib in California as we use in Chicago for the new apartment.

So, toddler parents — do we take the side off now?

He’s only done it at naptimes so far. At night he wears a sleepsack still (the kind where his feet can pop through the bottom), and hasn’t even attempted such a feat. But if he did, wouldn’t it be more dangerous and more likely to prompt a fall? (A has witnessed the naptime escape and says he’s quite careful and artful about it, slowly lowering his feet to the floor.)

In other sleep news, he’s gotten pretty darn good at school napping, sending home naps straight to the shitter. School nap routine is now the one he is accustomed to! (So much so that often at night, he wants mami to lie with him on the floor to go to sleep, and is then transferred to the crib.) That means at least one weekend day sans nap. Could be worse, obviously, but it runs his moms pretty ragged. A has taken over bedtime nearly completely, and in this way we have now successfully dropped bedtime nursing. Next to go: the after school/weekend naptime nurse!

In other other news, I’m three weeks into birth doula training. Lots of thoughts about this, and I’ll prob write about it in its own entry, but suffice it to say for now that I’m feeling better about my professional trajectory than I have since…grad school started. Hashtag exit strategy.


3 thoughts on “Crib/bed switch?

  1. No advice as izzy has been in and out of her crib for nearly 6 months and we are just now getting around to thinking about a bed…but I will say, even thought they CAN do it, they don’t alsways exercise that option. We explained to izzy that she could only hop in/ out when an adult was there to watch her and we have only had two breaches in at least .5 of a year. That’s just to say, might not be a huge rush, but I’d take him out of the sack just in case. Our thought was to at least give her control of all of her assets 😉

    • That’s a good idea — i hadn’t thought of just telling him not to. Duh! The problem w taking off the sleepsack is that he hates being covered up, even when it’s cold, and it’s getting down into the high 40s at night now. Maybe we will try telling him he has to stay in bed til we get him and see how it goes.

  2. We did something similar to e10stix… just told The Bean he’s not allowed to get out of his crib. Though we did switch him to a toddler bed not long after he figured out how to climb out. However, he also stays in his bed (99% of the time) and just shouts “I’m awake” until we come in to get him.

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