Two years of zunzun

The zunzun turned two yesterday! WHAT!?!

A and I are going to try to write a post together about his updates at two, but the shorthand is that the highs are higher and the lows are lower. The second year of life was not as smooth as the first, but the zunzun is a real love and is pretty good at smoothing over the bumps when we hit them. In the morning, he is just as apt to take scoops of his breakfast and put them in my bowl if it’s empty (“Here: more, mama.”) as he is to have a total meltdown about changing out of his pajamas.

We had a sweet birthday Sunday: breakfast out (he order his own “waffle syrup please”), then all three of us played on the college meadow (with the new golf set my sister sent, and some general running, rolling and wrestling), and then after a nap, the neighbors came over for a little dinner party (the boy next door turns two tomorrow and they are great buddies).

Last night when I was saying good night, I asked him if he had a good birthday. He said, “Yep.” I’ll take it.


2 thoughts on “Two years of zunzun

  1. I can’t believe hes two already. Really–in my head he’s still a chubby little 9 month old, even though I know better. Casual golf and waffles sounds like an excellent birthday plan at any age!

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