To whom it may concern

Jumping back in here because, like the other folks returning to this little world, we’re trying again.

We did an IUI late Wednesday night. I’m counting today as day 5. Impatient, but not like with round 1.

The zunzun is almost three. He is…almost three. So, lots of irrational demands and sobbing fits over being denied a request that would violate all laws of physics. But that’s only a little bit of the time. Mostly he is a delight: funny and so, so sweet.

Last night he fell asleep watching a movie with me, very early. I left him in our bed. When I settled in to sleep a bit later, he stirred, popped up his head, looked at me in the dark, and asked: “Are you Mama?”

“I am,” I said. And he laid back down on my shoulder, whispered, “OK,” and fell back to sleep.

When asked if he thinks we should have another baby, he splits his answers between yes, no, and “I want a dog.”


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